I am not a licensed doctor, psychologist, or researcher. However, I have studied the ideas of self-care, nourishment, and transformation expansively for many years. Moreover, I am continuing to pursue new knowledge and gathering information daily. I am continually learning, reading, and encouraging others to step out of there comfort zone and into a new light in life.

Here at Aligning Within, you will find articles that will guide you in how to make self-care a priority in an already hectic life. Self-care practices will also genuinely help you identify your vision, and your “why” for wanting to dive deeper into a self-care center way of living.  Living a life saturated in self-care is so much more than merely being conscious of how you treat yourself.  It is far more than pampering yourself or being taken care of by someone.  Living a life centered around self-care is your most significant friend. It is not only deep nourishment but also nourishes every single other person that is impacted by your presence in this lifetime. It is taking care of yourself in a meaningful, loving, fulfilling, and energy-renewing way, and when you are doing the work, it becomes a compass for how you express and feel about yourself.

We will explore many ways to build your sacred self-care practices and renewal process for your life.  To make self-care a way of life requires habit. You must create a pattern that will require you to carry out your plan and work on it daily. The process that will unfold for you is a simple structure for sustainable self-care success. It will take personal accountability to make valuable and decisive decision-making, motivation, and behaviors to move you beyond the excuses of hectic schedules, and the “no time” mindset.

To honor that effort, we will look at self-care and self-nurturing and connect the basis with who you are and where you are by first taking the time to sit with yourself in your space and figure out your real self-care needs. From there, you can rebuild your beliefs about what counts for you.

Our journey together will begin with a clear definition of self-care and how to expand your awareness and potentially banish off some old myths.  We will also explore the current state of self-care in a broad sense, define ideas of self-care and tap into an assessment tool that will give you a much clearer understanding of where you are in your current self-care practices.

As we begin this adventure together, I want to express to you how robust this process can be. For this reason, I feel genuinely called to share the knowledge that I have collected throughout my years of reading, researching, self-help, therapy, workshops, education, and my self-care journey.  I am not presenting a “quick fix” method. It’s an outline, a way to think about and set yourself up to practice and success in your daily self-care habits. A place to gather new ideas, and knowledge for reflection that will activate your connection with what you do each day as you support your needs and embark into a fresh new outlook on self-care.

~Diadel Kimberlee

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