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I am Diadel Kimberlee, creator of Aligning Within website, created in 2019.

I am, a mother, wife, sister, daughter, niece, aunt, teacher, friend, confident, advocate, meditator, healer, warrior, self-lover and lover. My passion is to inspire and empower you, to help you find your true core. My enthusiasm to motivate women originates from within my being.  Through my struggles in life, I have obtained self-awareness, inner-strength and the ability to enjoy the true meaning of living. I am compassionate about helping woman find their north star and develop that desire of curiosity within themselves.

  I was born in New Jersey and now reside in Vermont.  I am Puerto Rican. I am a mix of indigenous cultures and fusion extension to almost every aspect of Puerto Rican life.  Within my magnificence diverse culture, is where I commence my journey.  As I move through life, I begin to realize how powerful one can be.  I understand that human connections are important in our world and beyond. Where I was once reminded to stay quiet, I am now speaking my truth. Where I battled and argued, I am now choosing to be mindful. I am now understanding the value of my voice and my being. 

On a passage of self-discovery, I decided it was time to take that leap towards helping others discover who they are. My personal voyage has been hard. I have felt betrayed, lost, hurt, abandon by friends and family in many situations. Through my years of struggle, I have learned to have faith in God, my higher power. I have learned to fight through those obstacles that have tried to immobilize me.

To me, it has always been a matter of strength. Yes, I have cried, felt frustrated and gone to the black hole of life; yet I have always kept the light burning. The light that reminds me; I will come out of this. There is hope and happiness and it doesn’t have to consume me. Life is full of challenges and possibilities. I needed to see that side of existence.  Believing in myself and how important I am, made me realize I have power. I have power to overcome challenges and embrace my world. I have control of what I want to say, be and do. I have learned to break the shackles of dependency that was controlling my life. I am now free to choose, to love and explore my world without judgment and fear.

Here, I can support you in your path in life. You will feel heard and connected with other beautiful women who share the same ideals as you. Join me and explore Aligning Within.



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