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Mantras are words, syllables, or phrases you repeat to help you connect and feel the energy within you and around you. Mantras can provide you with all kinds of supports when you need it most, comfort, inspiration, reassurance, motivation, a sense of calm, or a burst of energy and they can be practiced anytime or anywhere.

The words in mantras are carefully formulated to offer you a way to be present and move through a particular situation. Incorporating mantras into your daily life will help you be more focused and centered, and better able to transform perceived obstacles into doorways of opportunity.

When practiced and applied effectively, mantras also give you the power to positively influence others through the personal transformation of yourself. You will find mantras to bring you happiness, peace, love and healing; mantras to help you overcome fear and anxiety. In addition to mantras you will also find specific insight into why these specific words will help in the any situation. You will leave frustration, anger and fear behind. Embrace the peace, inspiration and happiness that mantras can provide.

The History of Mantras

Mantras are one of the most ancient mind -body practices. Mantras have been around for more than 3,000 +plus years, they were not fully discovered until the last 150 years. This is because a good portion of mantras were written in the ancient Hindu language of Sanskrit and kept private to preserve their quality. Although Sanskrit is not spoken today, it is very much kept alive through the practice of mantras.

Mantras are also found throughout the Bible. Syllables and words taken from prayers can easily be put into practice within a mantra. For example the word amen, which was originally Hebrew(Aramaic) term and made its way into Greek, Latin, and then finally English, is translated as “and so be it”. Bible passages such as “in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”(John 1:1) shows just how important words are to the practice of faith.

Sanskrit mantras were designed as a tool for healing and spiritual growth. They were used to increase abundance, prosperity, strength, protection, fortitude and love. Thousands of mantras have been recorded throughout history and many are being created in our own native languages. What makes Sanskrit ones so special is the amazing foundation they have been built upon. You can think of Sanskrits mantras as being similar to an eternal flame. When you recite a mantra, you are not only tapping into the energy of the word but also the level of consciousness that was put into the words by those who repeated it before you.

When practiced regularly, mantras are like medicine for your energy. Mantras help prepare your energy centers(chakras) to receive and use large amounts of spiritual energy. The more you utilize mantras the more energy your body is able to hold. Mantras allow you to take charge of your energy. Directing your enegry to a positive, thoughtful lace can help you reduce stress, and we all know that negative effects stress has on a body. Mantras are a great way to engage in positve self-talk. They have an effortless way of aiding you to surrender struggle, release control and become fully engaged in the present moment.

Mantras lift your energy up enough so that you can pause and remember who you are. Mantra are already a part of your core essence. Their energy is made up of the very same energy inside you. Mantras when used effectively, do not contain the lower energy daily hassles of fears and insecurities. They are pure, mantras honor your soul’s journey by recognizing you as an endless creator and source of infinite love.

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