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Deep inside your heart is a sacred altar. Go there now and I will meet you. Together we will recite these words, sounds and phrases in the name of love.”


From the book: Mantras Made Easy
Mantras for Happiness, Peace and Prosperity and more.
Recite the a mantra in bold.

As I expand my awareness, energy flows freely through me.

It can be so easy to get entangled in other people’s definition of happiness. An Instagram post, celebrity news, or twitter can contribute to living someone else’s moment, and it can give you a false impression of what true happiness is. When you overlook on others as a measure of your own happiness, you inescapably disconnect from your own source of happiness, yourself. Happiness is an internal state of being, not an external place you have to find. Recite this mantra to redirect and broaden your awareness to your core source of happiness.

I align myself with happiness.

This mantra affirms that you get to choose what you are aligned with. You can either become aligned with love or fear. To align yourself more closely and consistently with respect, call upon your imagination. Albert Einstein said

Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.

This is because your body does not know the difference between reality and fantasy. When you imagine that you are feeling happy and joyful, your body will react to this and create the experience for you. Allow yourself to tap into the power of visualization.

Things always work out for me.

There are times in life when this mantra can give you the strength to believe in something, even if there is no proof. Perhaps you are waiting to hear about a job offer, hoping to receive that letter, or maybe you are supporting a loved one through a tough situation. Choose to believe everything will work out for you and everyone else. See yourself as resilient and strong.

I am blessed

To say that you are blessed is far more than saying you have good luck or fortune. To be blessed is to acknowledge that you are holy and therefore, have received grace. It is essential to keep this in mind as you recite this mantra. Mindfulness allows you to be grateful for who you are right now, rather than what you hoped to be. Another version of this mantra is “We are blessed.” This statement gives you the ability to see an honor the grace in others.

I give myself permission to prioritize the things that bring me hot, creativity, and connection.

At times, you might lose your sense of direction or wonder if your life choices are off base. For example, you may crave a different lifestyle or a compatible companion. This mantra reminds you that perhaps these doubts mean that you are being connected to your divine purpose. Your creative energy can stimulate healthy change and lead to happy experiences. So allow yourself to feel these doubts and ask yourself if they could become a motivation for you to reclaim happiness. Rather than focus on what is missing from your life, this mantra encourages you to incorporate things that bring you joy(e.g., animals, nature, art, music, etc.).

Happiness is a feeling; joy is an experience. I choose both.

Happiness is a feeling that makes you feel lighthearted and allows you to experience pleasure. Like other emotions, happiness can have a range. On one end, you can be elevated, perhaps giddy, while on the other end, you may feel quietly content. One Joy tends to be less dependent on situations or circumstances. Joy is a state of being. Sure, you might have moments where you feel sad or even angry, but those emotions don not destroy your overall joy for living.

Appreciation and Gratitude pulsate through me now.

Simple acts of kindness, such as holding the door for someone, letting someone go ahead of you in line, or paying for another person’s cup of coffee, are ways to spread happiness. Happiness is contagious. You can literally change the climate of a room through acts of kindness. As you recite this mantra, notice how the energy of the words rests on your heart. Breathe deeply as you send loving thoughts to yourself and the world around you.

I have something good to say, and I choose to say it!

Have you ever had a positive or kind thought and held yourself back from sharing it? Perhaps you loved a yoga class but never took the time to express it to the teacher, or you were touched by the kind gesture of another but felt awkward letting her know. Giving other people compliments or thanking them for their time and attention brings happiness to both parties. Let’s face it, even the most confident people could use a pat on the back now and then. Make a point to let others know they are doing a good job and watching how your happiness increases too!

I love being me.

Being you means you can allow your own thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to emerge with honor and respect. This does not mean you have to act on every little thing. Notice if you start to compare yourself to others or question your abilities and strengths. Take these doubts as signs that you may be veering from your sense of being. Your path is always being shaped by the way you respond to what is happening inside of you. To get back on your course, put your attention on the now, and recite this mantra.

My awareness is enough.

The book A Course in Miracles states, “God is not the author of fear. You are.” You simply need a shift in perception to move from fear to love. All you have to do becomes aware of yourself at this moment. Awareness means consciousness. To be aware is to notice and be awake to your surroundings. If you are distracted or consumed by thinking, your awareness may below. Choose to increase it by taking a moment to pause and listen to your breath. Listen and feel your breath moving in and out of your body.

The universe generously supports me.

If you rarely ask for help and tend to take the world on your shoulders, you might want to consider getting o know this mantra. Taking on the worries and concerns without regard for yourself makes life seem heavy and challenging, rather than light and interesting. If you believe you are unsupported, the universe will reflect that back to you. Instead, recognize that your support goes far beyond the things and people around you. You also have universal support-in many ways a spiritual team-that you can access through mantras.

Setting clear, healthy limits comes easily and naturally for me now.

Setting clear limits is like receiving a ticket to freedom. Limits are a way to respect the needs of yourself and others. Without boundaries, you are likely to send the universe mixed messages. Part of you may say yes, while another part of you says no.

In the beginning, this mantra night feels a little foreign or uncomfortable when you recite it. Don’t let this discourage you. If you feel uncomfortable, this means you could really benefit from this one. Recite this mantra several times daily. Observe your body and breathe for a minute or two when done.

Energy Flows where attention goes. I choose to focus on bliss.

Happiness and joy are experienced. Research shows that individuals, who prioritize experiences over purchases tend to be happier. Before reciting this mantra, take a moment to close your eyes and soften the muscles in your face and shoulders. Ask your body what brings it joy. Pause and notice what comes up for you. Perhaps you’ll imagine a place you like to visit, certain people in your life, listening to music, or spending time in nature. Visualize these things as you recite this mantra several times.

Beloved body, you are safe and free.

If you tend to turn to food for comfort and relief, you may have trained your body to process your feelings through food. Food is not intended as a means to process your feelings, yet your body can start to store unresolved pain in this way.  This pain eventually becomes a trigger for unworthiness and people who store pain survive in a state of self-sabotage.  This can be evidenced through impulsive, quick, mindless eating.  If you find yourself wanting food when your body isn’t hungry, take pause, state this mantra, and breathe.  Recite this mantra daily as needed, particularly before and after snacks and meals.

I proclaim freedom from shock now.

Shock gives your body the ability to move through sudden disturbances, such as a death or an accident. It is your body’s way of protecting you from extreme stress and anxiety. However, once the event has passed, shock can make you feel numb and stuck, making it challenging for you to be affectionate towards others. Think of shock like a brick wall holding fear and anxiety in place. If you suspect shock may be unresolved in your body, recite this mantra, then breathe and visualize a wall slowly being dismantled.






I am a happy soul.

So many people try to be happy humans.  Fair enough.  But I say, focus on being a happy soul. Happy souls have no problem asking for guidance and support.  Unhappy souls feel alone, unsupported, and disconnected.  The next time you feel unsure about what to do, rather than ask your brain, ask your soul. “Soul, what would you have me do?”  Your soul speaks to you through a hunch or a feeling, sometimes even visually or auditorily.  Embrace each as a message guiding you towards a happy life.



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