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 "Poetry begins where language starts: in the shadows and accidents of one person's life."
Eavan Boland
“Poetry begins where language starts: in the shadows and accidents of one person’s life.”
Eavan Boland 

Martha Wales was born in Minnesota, and moved to Vermont in 1996. She is a mathematician and number lover, but the joy of reading brought her to poetry later in life. She began writing poetry to understand events in her life, and people have responded to the simple truths she conveys in her poems. She is very happy to share her learning and life path with you.


You can’t live anyone
      else’s life
You can only live
      your own
As women we tend to
      live through others
Trying to live them good
      and well and successful
      and happy
Can’t do it, sorry to tell you
You live yours, and let them
      live theirs
                   Martha Wales

Why Here

Why here?

Why now?

Why NOT here and now?

Where else? When else?

Nowhere but here

No time but now

That’s why

Martha Wales

Sonia Roman aka Aminah Love ~was born in Humacao Puerto Rico. She was raised in New Jersey and has a love of poetry that emerged at a tender age inspired by her parents, and her love of Maya Angelou, Julia de Burgos among others. Sonia Field of dreams fulfilled include being an artist poet and co-founder of Taven of Creativity an organization where published and newly rising poets and artists gather together to share spoken words, it also gives the opportunity to aspiring artists who wish to showcase and sell their work. Sonia has been published in Positive Minds magazines and various other publications.


Mujer manifest your brilliance

Shine like the star that you are

Brilliant – Illuminated – Confidant

Let your womb birth Kings & Queens

Those who make change

Those that will be heard

Even when the silence surrounds us

Mujer manifest Greatness

In your walk, talk & laughter

May your “caderas (hips)” sway

To the musical tune in your spirit

Let others see the determination

In your actions

Let your confidence drip from your pours

Let your “presencia (presence)” leave footprints of change

Mujer manifest your God given talent

Don’t allow anyone to destroy your spirit

Know the sound of your voice

The beat of your rhythm

So that others can understand

Your tune

Mujer never let others dictate your path

Be a leader not a follower

Be liberated not bounded by standards

Allow God to lead the way

To the future that is yours by destiny

Be an asset to those around you

But never let anyone take what is not given

Because “tu eres reina (you are Queen)” of your Kingdom

Mujer know your place

“En este mundo (in this world)” we inhabit

Prepare the way for the next generation of “mujeres (women)”

Be their confidant

Their shoulder to cry on

Their “oreja (ear)” to listen intently

The words of wisdom to remove their weariness

Their “fortaleza (strength)” to bring them fortitude

Mujer let your “sufrimientos (suffering)” become sunshine

Be illuminated in your awesomeness & light

Let your “lagrimas (tears)” nourish life

Help cultivate not only your spirit but those of others

Let the strength of your ancestors give you

Motivation to move forward to greatness

Mujer we are NOT defined by the downfalls of our journey

Or by the sorrows, and tears we’ve wept

Or by the sweat falling down our backs

But by the “fuerza (force)” of our fight

Never allowing ourselves to give up

In this faction we call life

Mujer we are “GUERRERAS “(Warriors)

Let your war cries be heard

Our walk may be filled with trials & tribulations

Our strength is fortified in our faith

Let your voice be heard

For others are listening… watching … waiting

Heighten your senses to your purpose



© Aminah Love 4/08/16

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