The POWER of Choice

Every single condition in life, every thought, every experience, the good ones, and the lessons learning ones are there because you made a choice. You can choose to build self-care as a priority, or not to. You get to decide how important it is to you. You create all of your situations. You shape the experience, and you get to choose how you will interpret your progress.

 Your life is your choice.

You get to decide what self-activities are essential enough to make you get up early or stay up late or what healthy habits need to be set and followed. You choose to buy into the negative stories in your life or the positive ones that inspire you.

Your perspective can change everything, and you get to choose that as well. It is amazing the power we have with a choice. You can view the opportunity to focus on self-care as a gift instead of a chore. You make that choice. In fact, as simple as it sounds, this is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself.

Be a pioneer of yourself and your future, not a prisoner of your past. Ask yourself, “What practice do I want to create?”  Take a deliberate pause, breathe, take time to reflect, explore your inner talk, and hear what you want. You choose your outcome. You are that powerful!

Choose to allow yourself to take care of yourself.  Stay in awareness of what your ideal day would look like if you could shape it to suit your self-care needs ideally. You can use choice to love and support yourself, or you can buy into the negative story you tell yourself. You need to start looking at yourself as number one.

You need to decide and make that conscious decision; as it sets your entire energy into a new motion and direction. You become your focus, your reality, and you will start to get better and feel better about your self-care.

Making a decision and your commitment to shifting your choice, will activate situations to change, your body changes shape, your thoughts evolve, and you become a whole new person all by having the power of choice. And that my dear, is self-care.

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