Finding Alignment in the Fall Season

Through my years, I’ve come to recognize that we are intimately connected with the energies around us.  It is, I believe, a symbiotic relationship between ourselves and the world we live in.

As human beings, we naturally change and adapt to the consistently shifting and evolving phases of our lives.  Some of these transitions come easily, and some feel more difficult to navigate. But when our energetic bodies are aligned with that of nature, it allows us to stay grounded and present and to function more optimally from day to day.

As we all know, the Earth is also in a constant cycle of change, each season bringing its own unique attributes. Springtime heralds’ new beginnings, renewed energy, and forward momentum.  Summer is the height of productivity with long days and plenty of sunshine to promote action.  As fall arrives, nature begins winding down. The days start to shorten, and the Earth prepares for winter, an ultimate retreat from the productions of the year.

  The fall and winter seasons often seem to be the most difficult for people to adapt to.  Naturally, we can’t all put our lives on hold and hibernate till spring.  But we can learn to align ourselves with these seasons, helping us embrace the gifts that they have to give.

To live according to the seasons; is to honor the fluctuations and changes in nature and within ourselves. By coming into a synced rhythm, we flow with the changes, rather than resisting or ignoring them. In this state of flow, our health – on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) – finds greater resilience and vibrancy.

Modern life isn’t very synced with seasonal living. Discomforts like fall allergies and flu can be avoided when we make a few subtle shifts in our lifestyle and routine. These shifts support us physically, as well as energetically and emotionally, to align with the offerings of autumn.

The Energy of the Fall Season

In ancient times, we honored “The Wheel of the Year.” This wheel is divided into the four main seasons and four smaller sections. “The Dark Half of the Year” refers to autumn and winter, and “The Light Half of the Year” refers to spring and summer. Autumn (just like its counterpart, spring) offers an in-between phase of preparation for the more “extreme” seasons – winter and summer, respectively.

If “The Wheel of the Year” were likened to moon phases, autumn would be the waning phase before winter’s new moon, and spring would be the waxing phase before summer’s full expression. Just as in those lunar phases each month, we are impacted. And since the Earth is doing the shifting (as opposed to more subtle cosmic influences above), the impact of seasons is even more palpable.

For more information on the wheel of the year check out these websites:

The fall season can also be compared energetically to the luteal phase of a woman’s menstrual cycle (the stage between ovulation and menstruation). For more information on Luteal Phase check out this website:

The four seasons can also be thought of as the four parts of a breath cycle. In this metaphor, fall is the exhale. Winter is the space between the exhale and the inhale. Spring is the inhale. And summer is the fullest part of the inhale. These are the energetic qualities of this transitional season.

I give credit to, Bustle for the 7 symbolic meaning.

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