Nourishing Your Body

Our bodies, mind, and soul are tightly interconnected to create the ultimate human experience. One influences the other profoundly to shape our belief systems, which then affects how we feel and act.

Perhaps you are struggling with body images and or how you wish your body could look or perform in a certain way. I believe that most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel and function. As our bodies age, many of us start to believe that whatever is showing up is a sign of aging.  You accept what is happening to your body, by ultimately allowing your body and yourself enough to want to take care of it.

While this might not feel like it at times, you have great control over how your body looks and feels, only by the way you care for it.  That control is rooted in your beliefs about your body and what ailments you are nursing.What you believe to be true is your reality, and your reality is different from any other person on this planet. It’s time to get real and take a look at what is influencing the way you look and feel. Beating yourself up with the inner critic in your head doesn’t lead to change; instead, it builds judgment inside yourself. Judgment leads to unloving yourself.

Give yourself a break for a moment, invite yourself into open-mindedness, and allow yourself to see things with a fresh perspective, so you can begin a new journey with how you treat your body and mind. It can be a difficult task, given our lifelong conditioning, but it’s the most powerful way to move forward. Commit to the idea of seeing your body differently, at least to be open to seeing it in a new way. Become a partner, an ally with your body, and begin the journey of feeling the haven inside yourself. Identify and release the internal pressure we put on ourselves and the external pressure we receive from society.

After all, loving your body only when it’s perfectly fit is like only loving your children when they behave correctly. If you feel stuck, consider how you think about your body, healing your thoughts and taking new actions is the most potent antidote.

The two most impactful choices you have when faced with any roadblock are to change your actions or change your mind. And guess what? You get to choose. For many, it’s an epidemic to be too busy to care for themselves and their bodies.  The first critical step in recovering from busy-itis is to stop using that word. When you believe you’re too busy, you will always be too busy. It’s a distressed mindset.

Choose to change your mind about being too busy. Choose a different story. Use different words. I like to use the word productive instead of busy, that changes the busy mindset immediately. Change your perspective and see it as a gift. Genuinely care for yourself changes everything. It creates a different filter from which you experience everything else in your life.  You will create more space in your life to tend to other things that nurture you.

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