Step into your True Self

If you identify as a psychic, intuitive, healer, empath, or mystic, you are aware that your way of experiencing life is different than most.

The word “identify” means to claim as yours, to know yourself. When you identify as a psychic, intuitive, and so on, you step into your true self, even if the mainstream world tells you that this self is not possible, or it’s not correct, or there’s something wrong with it, or it’s evil.

You accept this is who you are:

  • You sense everything, your senses are powerful and spirited.
  • You read everything.
  • You are a deep thinker.
  • You are creative and imaginative.
  • You receive visions, messages, and dreams.
  • You take notes of signs from God / Universe / Source.
  • You exist in all dimensions.
  • You receive and follow guidance.

To identify this way also means to let go of mainstream ideas: that being psychic or intuitive isn’t real.

Of course, it’s real.

We are created as souls, and as souls, we are part of One, and as part of One, we are intimately connected to all that is.

When one mentions the word “psychic,” it can conjure up different connotations. Is it something mental, magical, scientific, or supernatural? It doesn’t necessarily mean that a person who says they are psychic can automatically tell the future, read your mind, or is evil in some way. It just means that they have a more open-mind in the sense that they can perceive information that is typically hidden from others.

In fact, sometimes, the word “intuitive” is preferred over the word “psychic.” More than likely, these intuitive people look and act just like an average person, and chances are you know an intuitive and don’t even know it.

An intuitive person is someone who knows and uses their intuition and generally has a ‘feel for something.’ Their channels are open.   The most distinctive feature of an intuitive person is that they listen to their inner voice, their gut which often defies logic or reason, and take the advice. These people will travel the unbeaten path on a hunch rather than follow a map, and as a result, find an unexpected treasure.

Intuition forms a link between the conscious and unconscious mind, which is why a highly intuitive person recognizes the importance of dreams. They know that what they think about during sleep can be a metaphor for their underlying desires and fears. They also understand that imagery can provide solutions to the problems they face or other forms of inspiration. Intuitives celebrate the importance of the subconscious and as a result, take their dreams very seriously.  They often write down their thoughts and use them as a source of analysis for their conscious minds.

Not only will an intuitive person be aware of their own feelings, but they will be mindful of the emotions of the people around them, as well. Someone who is highly intuitive will be able to pick up on the feelings of friends, family, or complete strangers. Others will open up to intuitive people more often as if knowing that they are aware of their emotional state.

Intuitive people are not only emotionally attentive, but their thoughts, actions, and outlook on life, as well as the people around them affect them at a deeper level. Practicing mindfulness is a large part of being self-aware. You know what you are doing, what you are thinking, and why your thoughts exist.

Being intuitive is being observant of your surroundings aware of the things going on around you. You may be an intuitive person if you find yourself noticing little things that no one else seems to, or things that others consider unimportant or easily dismissed.

Intuitive people tend to be more creative. This creativity can be expressed in hundreds of different ways, and it will often allow an intuitive person to connect with the world and the people around them. An intuitive person’s creativity will come with deep within, someplace they can’t logically explain.

Intuition is about self-awareness of yourself, your thoughts, your emotions, and the world around you.  Your intuition will do whatever it takes to capture your attention and guide you toward your path of power, love, health, and the purest sense of purpose.

Step into your true self and see your soul shine.

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