What I Long For

Longing is a complicated emotion to explain. It’s like you feel a gnawing inside, a tug of emotion that lingers with a sense of emptiness even though life seems full.

When you experience longing, your soul is telling you there is more. Your soul is notifying you something is missing. A sharp tug of possibility is your soul, the place inside us that connects us to God.

The puzzling feeling of longing for a place that one does not even know, and yet feels connected in some mysterious way. It’s like seeing a picture of a particular area that may trigger the soul to feel a great yearning, feeling like they have been there before.

The spiritualists believe we may experience the feeling similar to déjà vu,  recognizing the real home of the soul. It sounds like soul-searching, and maybe it is.

When the unknown feeling suddenly appears, it feels like a myth that needs a body of proof. Some say it is the feeling of loneliness, while others say it is probably a strange feeling that’s called Saudade. The meaning of Saudade-“A deep emotional state of melancholic longing for a person or thing that is absent”.

Have you ever felt a weird feeling in your chest, a massive and robust sense of longing about something you are not sure about? If one has experienced the feeling of misplacing about where one currently resides, there is a possibility that the soul wants to feel the nostalgia of being somewhere out there.

The first origin nature of the soul knows what it wants, but the outer mind can’t process the unknown images that have never been there before. It is the absence of the brain that prevents the soul from reaching its peak to release a deep emotional state and melancholy. After that, the feeling can baffle the mind from understanding the situation.

It’s not understandable, being melancholy or longing without a reason to be known. But perhaps, one day, the person who has experienced the feeling itself can find the reason why. Since it is a matter of heart, each soul has the answer. Every journey will lead someone to learn about something.

Know the unknown to reveal the mystery. The mystery of longing:

I long for inner peace to quiet the critic within.

I long for freedom in a chaotic world that tries to drown me.

I long for the mystery that calls me from the unknown.

I long for love, which heals.

I long to be still and at peace with the wonders that surround me.

I long to harvest in my fruitful soul.

I long to free the red string that holds me from growth.

I long to dance with spirit in love and divinity.

I long to embrace myself like the sun embraces the earth.

I long to gravitate words that inspire and motivate others.

I long to watch my child play and grow into the flower that she is.

I long to sing joys and praises to my God.

I long to feel the warmth that cuddles my body.

I long to embrace a culture of sisterhood, in a sacred place that encircles love and grace.

I long to communicate without fear and hurtful words.

I long to listen to the voice that guides me through life.

I long to learn from all who inspire me to grow.

I long to help others in need.

I long to give of myself to those who cry.

I long to be the light of the world.

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