Feeling Thankfulness

A few days ago, while I was riding the bus, I happened to see a former acquaintance. It’s been several years since we last saw each other. She turned around to say hello. We both smile, and I continued to read my book. Time changes a lot of things.
A few minutes later, she turns around and says to me,” Diadel, I want to say Thank you.” I smiled a gentle smile and thought ‘for’? She replied, “thank you for giving me the chance to teach yoga to the children in your care. It was a trying year for me on a personal level, and teaching the after-school class helped me overcome something difficult in my life”.

At that moment,  I felt my heart fill up with love and soft tears forming in my eyes. I felt her gratitude and love pouring out like water into words. Her shimmering eyes kindled as she was conversing and conveying her thankfulness.  I was taken by her sincerity and reverence towards the chance I had given her a few years ago.

I was carried by her sentiments in an array of respect and witness how much it meant to her how one act of kindness could change her life.
The tenderness of her words and admiration was the message I needed to hear that particular morning—those words pierced through my heart with happiness and so much appreciation.

She spoke her words to me, honestly. I thanked her for her kindness and how much they meant to me, to know how I impacted her life at that moment and how it transformed her.

The words, Thank you genuinely have sovereignty when they are expressed with love and appreciation. Such a simple concept can undoubtedly impact your life in many ways when used with a grateful heart.

I observed the true essence of the word ‘thank you’ through kindness, love, and gratitude. It showered me like a box of glitter. It felt lovely to inspire someone to share there light within.

Thank you, Allison, as I inspired you, you inspired me.️

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