The real power of positive thinking comes from its daily repetition. You need to practice and apply positive thinking every day to reap the rewards of the power of positive thinking.

Positive thinking means that you have to change the way you see things, improve your words, and regularly change what you think. Positive thinking requires that you eliminate negative thinking daily.

You see, every day, we have thousands and thousands of thoughts. Most of them are meaningless and will have little or no impact on you; but amid all those thoughts, you also have several negative thoughts, and these are the thoughts that work against you and don’t allow you to succeed.  Negative thoughts that are bound to negative beliefs need to change. So, if you repeatedly say something negative or have a negative phrase that you often say among friends, then you likely have a negative belief tied to that negative thought.

Replace those negative thoughts that are tied to negative or limiting beliefs immediately; The best way to do that is to replace them with positive thoughts, and you have to do this every day.

At first, you’ll be able to do this because you’re paying attention to what you’re thinking and saying. But as time goes on, you’ll forget because the mind will go back to what it knows and will call upon those negative thoughts again and again. That’s why you need to change those negative thoughts as often as possible repeatedly.

The real power of positive thinking comes when you apply positive thinking automatically. What happens when you automatically have positive thoughts, you no longer have constant negative statements.

Once you have positive thinking in place, you begin to attract positive situations, positive people, and you begin to take affirmative action so that you enjoy a more prosperous, happier, and rewarding life.

Those who apply positive thinking are naturally more optimistic and upbeat. You enjoy life and learn to bounce back from setbacks quicker than negative thinking.

If you’re a chronic negative thinker, then trying to apply positive thinking won’t come easy. You’ll have some setbacks, and you’ll want to continue thinking negative thoughts – that’s because that’s what the mind knows. To change this, you need to improve your negative thinking to positive continually. Keep trying and don’t give up.

Let’s be clear; positive thinking does not mean that you never have a negative thought or never get angry. Those are quite common even for positive people.  Instead, positive thinking means that you aim to be positive as often as you can, you push your mind to focus on the positive, and you try to have more positive thoughts than negative thoughts.

To develop positive thinking, you need to have some patience and understand that you’re changing years of negative thinking and trying to eliminate a long-standing pattern of negativity.

So every day, catch yourself thinking, write your feelings on a journal and track your thoughts. Change the negative thoughts to positive ones. Do this every day. The more often you do these exercises, the sooner your mind will move from being detrimental to being positive.  You begin to develop positive thinking that will lead to greater success.

Another way to help you think positively is to post positive quotes, affirmations, mantras, or prayers around where you can view them (in your home, work, or car). When you consider the positive phrases and practice them, you will start feeling more optimistic.

By applying positive thinking every day, you’ll be able to get better results and enjoy your day a lot more.  Positive thinking is a practice, and it has to be part of your everyday way of living.

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