Change is inevitable. Sometimes it can be beneficial, and other times it can be painful.
Often the hardest changes to understand and adjust to are the unexpected ones and out of our control – a recession, a global pandemic, or a major disaster, for example. Changes of this magnitude can be challenging to come to terms with, but you’ll often find that your experience of them can be made better or worse, depending on your reaction and your attitude.
In the following article under this category, we’ll explore the different ways in which people tend to approach change, the reactions that you might have, and how to best cope with it.



There comes a moment when the old you leave, and there is an empty space waiting to be filled by the new you.
This can be a challenging time for the mind and the personality. It feels like there is nothing to hold onto anymore.
This feeling gives the mental tendencies to fill the space with the old, belief that is hurtful; you must resist doing this.

Be gentle with yourself and talk softly and lovingly to your mind, reassure it that all is ok.
Be soft and gentle, seek the companionship of someone you trust. Eventually, that someone is you.

This process is a significant initiation in unconditional love for yourself, this unconditional love then flows to others.

In the middle of turmoil, the mind is a sanctuary. Locate that sanctuary and rest there while the changes take place.

Love and peace to you.
~Diadel Kimberlee

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