Changing Energy

Great changes are about to take place in the whole universe. It will not be a comfortable time. It is important that each one has no fear, no concern, knowing that this great upheaval is necessary before the next step can be taken.” – Eileen Caddy”

With all these changing energies and ‘shifts,’ things are evolving in the world, and people are shifting with it. They are starting to notice a difference. For some, they’ve been ‘conscious’ of this for a while. For others, they are beginning to sense things, and for others again, they lay sleeping…

Sometimes I wonder just what kind of underlying truths there are in some myths, legends, and fairytales. Take Sleeping Beauty, for instance. Could it be possible that we are all under some kind of ‘spell,’ a ‘mass amnesia’ of sorts, like all the people in her ‘kingdom’? It certainly feels like that at times. While it might not be a ‘spell,’ it feels as though something is going on inside of us and the earth. Where we are in some kind of purposely built bubble or matrix, and when we come into this life and start to come unto our own, it can feel as though there are times you have pieces of awakening out of what otherwise feels like a spellbound coma. A renewal or rebirthing feeling of something other than yourself.

There are so many mysteries of the world that either remain hidden or unanswered. Yet nothing could be more freeing than finding truth under all those veils. They say there really is a ‘veil’ between the worlds, one that blinds us and ‘separates us’ from the truth. Mystics, pilgrims, travelers, seekers, and seers for centuries have known, or at the very least, ‘sensed’ much spiritual truth that for others lays shrouded and seemingly inaccessible. It feels as though there is much yet be ‘revealed.’ And now, we are in the time of breaking down the barriers that the veil has created.

It may seem trivial, pointless, distant, ridiculous, fantasy-like, or exhausting to get to that pot of gold over the rainbow; what is becoming more of a new, or rebirthing reality, is that we want to explore these hidden realms, or at least our own true selves. As we feel buried in a lot of mire and toxicity from this lifetime and others – all built up within us. We often feel like we are going to erupt like a volcano, strong emotions coming up to the surface to be revealed, cleansed, and released. Under all of this, we have a burning, innate and insatiable sense that there is more, and a desire for the redemption, happiness and to understand more about the mysterious universal and cosmic ‘unknowns.’ All this comes from the stirring the consciousness, a deep tickle of curiosity, and a feeling of great despair, unfulfillment, or dissatisfaction.

We are waking up to a new mindfulness era. There has been a universal ‘shift’ around the turn of the Millennium, as predicted by the Mayans and other ancient cultures, where we are moving away from a ‘physical’ plane of vibration to a more ‘spiritual’ one – and in this process, people are starting to be more spiritually aware. Listening to expressions as ‘thrive’ rather than ‘survive’ – is the direction that earth and humanity are now taking. The process of chaos; the play between light and dark that has been going on for eons of time. Yet it is coming to some kind of long-winded crescendo – and people can feel it in the air and even sense it in their bodies.

This is not the first time that there has been such a colossal shift on a mass scale, as we move in grand cycles. Earth is said to be around 2 billion years old. There have been shifts into spiritual eras before, such as with the pyramids. The great lost city of Atlantis, Ten Eras in the Bible- much of this sacred knowledge has been held beneath those who are secretly tyrannous and negatively minded, to continue a deep-seated need for ignorance, selfishness, and power in the world.

Have you heard of expressions such as; ‘the shift,’ ‘consciousness,’ ‘new earth,’ ‘new paradigm,’ ‘awakening,’ ‘ascension,’ the ‘Golden Age,’ the ‘Age of Aquarius,’ ‘positive thinking,’ the ‘law of attraction,’ ‘The Secret,’ ‘conspiracy theory,’ ‘we are spiritual beings in human bodies,’ and so on?

Earth and its people are going through a rapid, progressive series of changes and transformations. We are ‘waking up’ to a new way of being and looking at the world. We are starting to understand more about energy and quantum physics. Science is beginning to elucidate upon concepts such as bent time, laws of nature and creation, the existence of many other dimensions, and how our own thoughts are energy and affect the physical body.

Changes often come in ‘waves’ and so it can often feel as though we are riding a wave. We have the highs and peaks, and then the lows and falls. Sometimes it feels as though you are going one step forward and then two steps back… For a lot of people, what is happening is that as you raise your rhythm and master each hurdle, you stay in that zone (where negative energy can hit you) until you are ready for the next positive wave. And sometimes, it feels as if the ground has been lifted from under you. The inner and outer disturbance in your life will never stop… It is the change in energy that will continue to impel.
~Diadel Kimberlee

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