We will see flowers bloom out of this once again.

Dear Souls,
In this time of crisis, we must be strong and positive.
We must, more than ever, be thankful for life.
For every breath we take, every morning, we awake, and every sleep we fall in an array of  wonder;
Every tree, every bird, and every touch is a marvel.
Every cloud, the sun, the moon, and the stars are magic.
We are alive and breathing, and we must center ourselves on this element.

And because we are alive, we are suffering.
Adversity has overshadowed our lives in darkness.
We have forgotten how beautiful it is to be alive, to breathe, to see, and to feel the sunshine on our skin.

My beings, I know it is hard and painful.
I know it’s difficult to see people you love suffer. I know it’s discomforting to live in fear, hunger, violence, and sadness.
Realize this one thing: You have a strong and powerful mind, which you must fill with gratitude and hope.

I encourage you to be thankful.
Every breath.
Every look.
Every touch.
Every smell.
Every taste.
I encourage you to take care of yourself as much as you can.
I encourage you to take care of your neighbor as much as your energy allows you to do so.

You are powerful.
You are alive.
You can find peace in a time of crisis.
Peace is all around.
And mostly, inside of ourselves.
Quiet your mind and listen to it. Shhuushh. Can you hear it?
The beat of your heart? Can you feel it? The sensation of peace.
You are created and formed of love.
The passion of the creator constructs in you.
Listen to its beat.
It will bring you courage, determination, and hope. You are strong
And love surrounds you.

Be patient; we are in a time of no time, where we must live every moment, by moment—watching the world crisis in every corner of the globe.
The world is healing. Every disaster, calamity, and struggle we are facing, the world is restoring.
The world will get better, but it will need our help.

We will need to unite together in love, kindness, respect, faith, and determination and pull in powerful energy together for the world to receive. Altogether, with a united heart, we can do it.
We are strong; we are powerful; we are alive.
Peace is within you, and you are part of the restoration to the world.

The world needs this crisis: it may not be understandable at this moment,
But little by little, we will see flowers bloom out of this once again.

~Diadel Kimberlee


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