Your Sacred Self

I aspire to be an empowered woman with vision and grace.

I yen for the companionship of sisterhood, to care, to feel admiration, affection, togetherness, and to question the concerns of being a woman. To acknowledge the value of respect, kindness, and individuality.

I breathe to bring life, adoration, and motivation to all who need it and want it without judgment. To harmonize self-awareness, devotion, and virtue to humanity.

I aspire to be a giver—a giver of love, a giver of good vibes, and a giver of strength.

I strive for continuous improvement, not perfection.

I yearn for something more in life. I want the night embrace, and the morning wakes. To feel the warmness of the sun soothing me.

I long for love without barriers. Feeling willingly in the embodiment of passion and deep lust.

I am passionate because I feel passion and affection. I want to encircle the world like a mother encompasses her child.

I am light that gleams through the soul. Calm and radiant, representing simplicity, genuinely, and trust.

I am a spirit that walks with the lifeless. Hearing the call from beyond and healing lost souls. I am unique in my way, I sing to the sun, talk to the animals, connect with nature, and engage with the departed.

I am stalwart, steadfast, kind, graceful, and loving. I surround myself with beauty and tenderness. All of the attributes of mother Earth.

I am who I am born with charm, magic, and unique gifts present from the universe; Enchanted with love and life, I emerge from the ashes of my ancestor and take space with others. Unitedly, we share to enlighten the world.

Within this body, free-spirited with the wisdom and mysticism of creation, I ascent with eyes wide open into the unknown, unafraid because I am guided by woman.

~Diadel Kimberlee



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