Be True To Who You Are

Hello, Loving Soul.

It is not an easy task when you decide to be an example to those around you, but it is the best thing you can do for yourself and those who watch you closely. What you are teaching is to be honest to themselves, “not at all costs,” because the cost is nothing when you are honest with your truth.

You have to live with yourself, every moment of the day, and even when you are sleeping, things can tug at your mind and make you restless. The task of being honest, making it easy for those around you to have faith and believe in your word, “because your word is your honor, and a promise you will keep,” is one of the most straightforward attributes of who you are. You believe in what you say, do, and are, and your actions will vilify your every deed. Everything is a “sacrifice,” your life, with complications, hypocrisy, manipulation, lies.

Being true to your authentic, loving self opens doors to your full potential. By accepting your imperfections as your character traits, leaves you with a clear pathway on your journey.  As you elevate your heart and soul, you are allowing and expanding every lesson.  Those who walk beside you, for whatever length of time, be it short, or a lifetime, is there by choice, and for whatever they have chosen to do while they are with you, so accept with love, peace, and create harmony to learn with each other, and be happy.  Be true to who you are.

~Diadel Kimberlee

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