When you think of Mimosa, you automatically think of the delicious cocktail drink with orange juice and champagne.  It turns out that there is another Mimosa, the tree flower called Mimosa pudica.
Mimosa is a shrubby evergreen tree of the Fabaceae family that reaches up to 10 feet. It has gray-brown bark and delicate, silvery leaves. The abundant pom-pom blossoms are bright yellow and richly aromatic.

In ancient folklore of various cultures, the mimosa tree symbolizes rebirth, immortality, and good fortune.  In biblical stories, Mimosa represents the Tree of Life as well as the Burning Bush, and in Tibet, mimosa incense is believed to ward off evil spirits.

Mimosa is native to Australia and Tasmania, where it is known as silver cattle, but it is not naturalized in warm climates worldwide. Mimosa, a fast-growing tree, can alter soul composition and is now considered an invasive species in many regions.

Benefits of the Mimosa tree:

Traditional Mimosa has numerous medicinal and practical uses.
In Australian aboriginal medicine, the mimosa plants are made into poultices for treating wounds and skin infections and was employed as a remedy for clearing up urinary tract infections.
Mimosa is well known for its nourishing effect on the skin, making it smooth and radiant. It helps alleviate stress-related skin inflammation, such as acne and eczema.
It is an excellent base- note fixative in perfumes, soaps, and lotions-its a fresh, green floral aroma has a woodsy undertone and a more of honey. Warming, aphrodisiac fragrance mimosa essential oils is perfect for creating an exciting atmosphere and sparking some romance.


Helps Promote Good Health:

For Joint Pain or Arthritis

This plant also helps cure joint pain. You have to make a paste from the leaves of this plant and apply it on your joints. Leave it for the night and then wash it the next morning. By doing this daily, you will notice the difference, as the swelling and pain from the joints will start to diminish.

Treating Insomnia/Sleeplessness

To deal with Insomnia or sleeplessness, take leaves of this plant (5gm) and crush them to make a paste. Boil this paste in hot water and strain. Take this during nighttime, and within 15-20 days, you will see the results.

For Treating Asthma

Prepare the juice of this plant (15ml) and drink it twice a day. Mimosa helps in treating asthma.

To Cure Gum Problems and Toothache

You can rinse with the decoction made from the roots of this plant to maintain good oral hygiene and cure toothache.

Fights Hair Loss

Mimosa Pudica plant helps in the growth of new hair cells and helps to control hair loss and baldness. It is recommended to use herbal shampoos containing the extracts of this plant.

To Uplift Sagging Breast

Instead of going for expensive treatments and surgeries, simply prepare a paste of the sensitive plant and Ashwagandha roots and apply this paste on the breasts to uplift them.

Treating Fractures

This plant also helps to treat fractures of the bone. Simply make a paste of the leaves and apply on the affected area.

For Treating Insect Bites

In a case of insect bites, grind the leaves and stem of this plant and apply it on the affected area. Do this remedy twice a day.


How to use:

Diffuser: for a sensual ambiance, use four to six drops of mimosa absolute per 3.5 ounces (100ml) of water.
Potpourri: add a few drops of Mimosa to a linen sachet or a bowl of mixture for a fresh fragrance around the house.
Massage oil: Blend up to six drops of Mimosa absolute per ounce (30ml) of carrier oil.
Mimosa absolute helps treat depression, diarrhea, fatigue, low sex drive, nervous disorder, and stomachaches. It also Focuses on parasite cleansing and gut repair.

All parts of the Mimosa plant are beneficial for a variety of health issues. Mimosa pudica has an array of medicinal uses. It is used since traditional times to treat multiple health ailments.

~Diadel Kimberlee

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