Ignite Your Fire

She rises in the morning with the burning sensation within her to be better than she was yesterday.

No one is her equal except for the person that she was yesterday.

Once her feet touch the ground, you know she is ready for whatever the day has in store for her. She means business from the time she rises out of bed in the morning until she lays back down to rest at night.

She has been through some storms, and she has made her share of mistakes in the past.

She knows what it is like to suffer. Everything she does was to make her tomorrows better than her yesterday.

She is fierce, she has a fire burning within her.

She is determined not to go back to where she was yesterday. She knows her worth and knows that she can conquer anything that she sets her mind to do because she knows what it is like to be without.

She is ready for success and ready for anything that she must face just to accomplish all that she wants in life. She knows the journey won’t be an easy one, but that doesn’t fear her. Her fear is in the past, and she is determined not to go back there.

She places on the most beautiful outfit in her closet, and she puts her hair up in a ponytail so that it won’t get in her way as she works hard to achieve all that she has on her list to do for the day.

Her beauty is radiant, her smile lights up the room. Anyone who looks at her would never know that she has struggled through anything. No one would know how hard her life has been and how hard she had to work to be the person she is today.

She looks in the mirror and makes her final touch-ups.

She believes in her dreams, and she is now ready to go after them.

She grabs her things and heads out the door.

Driving off into the sunshine. The time reads seven o’clock in the morning and knows it is time to get to work.

She journeys down the pathway to success with her goals in her hand.

Her past is her greatest motivation, and it keeps the flame burning within her.

She knows the obstacles will come, but she is ready. It doesn’t fear her. NO! She is going after everything people told her she would never achieve. They told her she wouldn’t be great, and they laughed at her dreams, but look at her now she is on fire. She is achieving everything they said she wouldn’t.

Your past was not a mistake. Everything happened to you for a reason.

Being poor.

Not knowing where your next meal would come from.

Being taken advantage of.

Facing lost after lost.

Let that motivate you. Let it ignite a fire within you.

For all those people facing hardship in life, I want you to know that it won’t last. Things will get better.

Get up out of bed and dress like success. Dress like what you are working towards.

Look in the mirror and smile because you’re about to overcome it all.

Obstacles will come, but you have what it takes to overcome them.

Write down your goals right now.

Know where you want to go in life and all that you want to be.

Brainstorm all the steps that are necessary to accomplish those goals and step out.

Step out in faith.

Step out and believe in yourself.

Ignite that fire within you!

~Diadel Kimberlee

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