Why self-sacrificing
Is not your life important as well?
Are you not destined to be someone?
Who you like
Who you love
Who you strive to be
Are you
Are you
Is it possible?
To have that
Within you
I am not
The one
To complete that emptiness
That hollow in chest
That hollow in spirit
I am but a mere servant
Of life
Of love
Not your expectations
Not your future endeavor
Not yours to command
Or to keep on a wooden stand
I am me
All Women
All Queens
No one can mend you
Only you can
Dark demons reside in you
Need to expel them
No power here
No gift to rip from soul
Of yours
Darkness dwells within
Face of an angel
Never knowing
A kaleidoscope of faces
Smile genuine to those who see
Dimples on forehead
Searching your surroundings
Wolf in sheep’s clothing
Are you not
Someone to follow
Someone to direct
Little babies to their first steps
Not responsible for your actions
Innocent of your darkness
Blinded by your bright smile
The twinkling of your eyes
Illuminated by the musical notes
Of your voice
Yet you expect
To be guided
Outside this realm
Well then get to stepping
Outside of self
Reflect on your transgressions
Reflect on your words
Reflect on decisions made
Repercussions of actions
That’s always a safe bet
Always ready to jump up
And hit you on the head
Of REAL Talk
Big exhale taken
Tired of talking
Tired of breaking it down
It’s your load now
Carry it
No extra arms to help you hold
This bag of self-righteousness
Yours to put away

© Aminah Love 2010

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