When we believe in miracles

Ever since I was a child, I believed in miracles. Miracles are not once-in-a-lifetime supernatural events; instead, miracles are at the root of everyday occurrences. We are miraculous! Imagine the great Truth of who you are. Imagine the wonder of the creation of each Being: the baby who is born nine months from the moment of conception; the oak tree that was once a seed; the miracle of people flying through the air within jet planes or of voices transmitted via telephone wires; and who does not perceive the Internet as a rather miraculous feat of technology?

We live in a world filled with miracles, and yet we take them for granted. Since childhood, I was always amazed at the life around me. I watched in awe as my daughters discovered the miracles of their own hands and fingers — what baby doesn’t suddenly expand their awareness to their limbs in surprise and glee? Why do we, as adults, forget to see the miracles of our world?

As one who believed in miracles, I always felt safe. It is not that I was fearless, only that I knew that I would still land on my feet. When I was younger, I always felt protected by God, and so I knew that no harm would ever come to me, and it never has. But now I see the more exceptional picture. I created my safety only by my belief that I am safe!

When we believe in miracles, we then create them.

~Diadel Kimberlee

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