When Things Fall into place

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when things fall into place? When that thing you were so worked up and worried about resolves and you’re left at peace? When that big decision no longer looms over you, and you are free to bask in the glow of clarity?

As humans, we live for moments like this. So much of my life experience has been spent in worry and stress. It’s been spent in the depths of the unknown. I try to cling to any victory, any “Oh, now I see what’s going on!” moment I can because it’s easy to get overwhelmed and defeated. It’s in these small victories and moments of clarity where I can see God working and am reminded of some important truths.

I’m reminded that this whole life I’m living is a journey. I’m going to have moments where I know exactly what I need to be doing, where I need to be, and why I’m doing what I’m doing. But I will not stay on those mountain tops forever.

Life is a journey that has not only mountains but also the valleys. When I’ve come to the other side of a difficult situation and can take a deep breath of peace, this should serve as rejuvenation for my soul: renewal I need to keep moving forward, embracing the highs and the lows as they continue to come my way.

I’m reminded of God’s faithfulness. I’ve walked through times where I felt I was stumbling along the whole way. I had no idea how I was ever going to be “okay” again and no idea why I was going through the things I was.

But time after time after time, God proved to be working everything for my good. When I reached that mountain top finally, as laborious a trek as it was, I could look back, recognize, and appreciate God’s presence in my worst of times.

I’m reminded of how much my God cares for me. If God cares for each sparrow, how much more is God attentive to me? It takes me aback.

Every struggle, every long paper to be written, every car problem, every hard decision, every ache, and pain is noticed and cared about. The trivial, the life-changing: it’s all important to God. Every anxiety, every doubt, is attended to. My God, who loves me!

While I’m navigating through God’s plan for my life, I can remember the mountain tops and cling to God’s faithfulness and love. I will not be let down. It’s just a matter of time until I can rejoice in the big picture – when things will finally, entirely, and permanently fall into place.

The word ‘god’ means different things to different people and has different connotations for different societies of thought.

God can be an image, person or thing that is worshiped, honored or believed to be all-powerful or the creator and ruler of the universe.

It is for the individual to perceive.

~Diadel Kimberlee

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