We all have ENERGY

We are all made up of energies, and we have our unique vibrations. Everything in this world is in a constant state of radiating and receiving energy.

You’re probably curious to know what frequency you’re vibrating.

You can sense energies in colors, sounds, or just by knowing.

Since everybody moves around with energies, we also carry with us unnecessary ones. These are the heavy ones that we have around with us that we need to discard.

Clearing out these unnecessary energies will make you feel too good. You will experience a sense of lightness and focus, and you will notice a decrease in your anxiety levels.

It is also possible to experience profound peace.

Here are some energy-clearing practices that will make more room for positive energies into your body:

1. Cloak Yourself In Light

This practice is best used when there are so many energies flying around; That moment when you’re in a room, and you can feel every energy of each person inside the room, which is overwhelming. This is the best moment to cloak yourself in light.

Find a comfortable position, and have your eyes closed. Focus on an ignited flame that is burning strong. When you get the focus you need, charge it with enough energy to protect your entire body. Let it expand and fill your body. Hold it until its flames envelop you.

Once the body is filled with light, push it through your skin in all directions. Let the flames infuse your skin.

2. Use A Conduit

Also known as cording or de-cording, this exercise is inspired by a Shamanic technique. It cleanses and contains. The “cord” used in this practice will act as a conduit that will let the energy go back and forth between the two ends of the cord. This cord could be a relationship, a habit, a person, etc.

To use this method to clear your energies, you should be standing. First, stand in Mountain Pose with your eyes closed. Focus on your energetic body, and then slowly see the cords in your life.

Begin from the top of your head and move toward your feet, while you mentally pluck the cords and drop them. After the third round, finish the practice off by imagining the points of connection healing over.

3. Cleanse Through Your Skin


Treat your skin as the physical symbol of your energy boundary. Therefore, clear out energies by using specific oils or herbs to protect it.

You can use salt for protection, or you can use the oil that you prefer. When choosing fats, choose the ones that are associated with protection or grounding. Try different blends and see how they feel energetically. Take it further by dropping a small crystal in the bottle to infuse the lotion with those qualities.

Now is the best time to cleanse your energies, as seasons change, use this opportunity to shed negative and old habits.

Let good energies flow. You deserve it, and you need it.

~Diadel Kimberlee

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