Look At The Sky

Few things are accessible to everyone. Cost, geography, and expectations – both internal and external – frequently get in the way. Yet right on our doorstep, whether that’s in the deep countryside or a densely populated city, is one of the world’s most awe-inspiring sights. And its power to lift the spirits and feed the soul is freely available. All we need to harness this natural well-being tool is cast our gaze upwards and look at the sky.

What we see might feel gentle and reassuring – wisps of white lining a grey-blue vista – or fierce and dangerous as dark clouds warn of an advancing storm. But it will always be a chance to glimpse the extraordinary in everyday life, reassess our place within the world, and use this humbling and breathtaking spectacle to reconnect with nature, reach out to others, and be kinder to our inner self.

An upward glance can also inspire creativity. The ever-changing colors, shapes, and patterns often find their way into an artist’s palette, an author’s prose, or a songwriter’s lyrics, but they can just as easily be used in our everyday journalling – words we might commit to paper on first waking up or at the day’s end – or old-fashioned snail-mail letters we send to friends and loved ones.

When the world for many is a strange and frightening place, and self-care often equals prohibitively expensive or time-consuming rituals over relaxation, looking up is one of nature’s best but often neglected remedies. No gadgets, no potions, no mantras, no schedule. Just you, the sky, and a whole lot of awe. Step outside and cast your gaze upwards…

~Diadel Kimberlee

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