Scorpio Season

Scorpio Season officially begins on October 22nd at 4 pm PT. Scorpio is a sign that unearths, delves deeply into the mysteries of life, and refuses the simplest of answers. Scorpio knows that decay is just as important as growth in nature’s great cycles. Without decomposition, our systems get polluted. Loss is inevitable and part of what makes existing in the material realm so poignant: nothing is promised us, and nothing is forever. As the sun transits this sign from October 22nd – November 21st, it is sure to bring with it events that reveal something just under the surface of our collective unconscious. We may not always feel ready for such realizations, but they must be reckoned with nevertheless.

One of the main events of Scorpio Season is that on October 31st, Halloween, Samhain, and Dia De Los Muertos all take place under the full moon in Taurus. This full moon is extra potent and active because of its timing and its placement among the planets. Conjunct rebellious and revolutionary Uranus, this is a loud lunation. Unwilling to play by the rules, the end of October is sure to bring up some very unexpected events, feelings, and circumstances.

Also, a blue moon, this second full moon in October, shines its light on holidays that honor those that have passed. Many traditions believe that the veils between the material and the spirit realm grow thin around this time of year. Festivals that give us collective space and permission to grieve, share stories, foods, pictures, and our love for those who have left help us cope with loss. They remind us that all we’ve loved in others are meant to live through us, that honoring our ancestors is an action, and that we shouldn’t take our joy for granted or mistake our pain for something permanent. So much of our purpose is revealed to us inside of paradigms that know all of life is a cycle and that we are an important part of its cycle. We are never individuals making our way in the world alone; we are strands of vast tapestries that weave all of the time together.

The next pivotal astrological moment, which just so happens to align with a pivotal political one,  is on November 3rd when Mercury stations direct. This day is famous for slowing communications down, making it imperative to take every precaution we can to make sure our message is heard. Make your voting plan, be painstaking in your process, and vote early if possible. Then consider what you will do to bring about the world you most want to live in, no matter who wins and who loses. Voting is, of course, the bare minimum.

Another noteworthy moment in this cycle is November 13th, when Mars stations direct. With Mars and Mercury both direct, we’ll better understand where we are collectively, personally, and maybe even politically. Though Mars is still sure to kick up some hostile heat, refusing to let us deny the conflicts at our gate, we at least have a better understanding of the landscape and how to move forward.

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