Cleansing Your home Energetically and Create Positive Energy

Your home should be your sanctuary. It’s where you spend most of your quality time, especially this year, with the pandemic forcing many of us to spend more hours at home than ever before.

Your home should be a sacred, tranquil, energizing place where you feel positive, grounded, and retreat from the world to recharge. Your living space should inspire growth, creativity, and harmony.

Having a tranquil, inspiring space to live in is important for your life. It has a bigger impact than we recognize on our overall energetic vibrations and can help us live our purpose.

As we move further into November and head towards the end of the year, it’s an ideal time to think about how you can raise the vibration in your home and cleanse any old, stagnant energy.

Sometimes, it can be hard to keep our homes free of negative energy or clutter despite our best intentions. If you have young kids, it can be challenging to stay on top of the daily messes that naturally occur. Perhaps we have many visitors, noisy neighbors, or our living space doesn’t feel big enough to create the kind of dream home we crave.

I promise you can create your harmonious sanctuary no matter what! Even if you are currently living in a place that feels cramped or disruptive, it doesn’t matter.

Energy is what is important, whether you live in a large house or a tiny studio apartment.

First Step: Create a Goodbye List

You are going to make a list of all the things you want to let go of. These could be behaviors, habits, objects that you own, patterns that derail you, negative thinking that stands in your way, or lifestyle choices you wish to change.
This is not just about decluttering your physical space; whatever blocks and “clutters” you mentally and emotionally is linked to your external environment.

It could be that you’ve intended to learn new recipes and cook more or do weekly meal planning, but your cluttered kitchen drawers and lack of space do not inspire and motivate you at all, so you keep delaying your return to culinary action!
Or perhaps you would love to feel more professional in your work, yet you feel frustrated by your messy desk or digital desktop (are you one of those people with 2500 unread emails?!).

If you long to be someone who dresses well and feels good about your style, you need to throw out old, worn clothes and donate anything that doesn’t resonate with you anymore.

Second Step: Clear Clutter






It would help if you allocated enough time and energy towards doing it properly. Start with what you know for sure you want to let go of (as per the goodbye list you made).

As a general rule, take on you’re decluttering in sections and try to be as intuitive as possible when deciding to throw it out or keep it.

Third Step: Air, Space, and Lighting

Darkness or dimness and stuffy, stagnant air can create an environment that feels low on energy and does nothing to lift your spirits. Light and freshness airspeed up the vibration of energy, so where possible open windows, blinds, and curtains and allow natural light to flow into your home.

Clean your windows and window sills regularly and make sure there are no obstacles in front of them, blocking light or positive energy coming in from outside.

Fourth Step: Sage and Palo Santo

Use sage or palo santo to do a spiritual cleansing of your home. Both of these have been used for many years to drive away negative energy and ensure the safety and protection of your home.

They are healing and calming with an evocative smell that transmutes negative energy after an argument or any toxic situation that might have happened within your four walls.

Burn the sage or palo santo and allow the smoke to waft into the corners of your home. It’s best to walk around and wave the smoke into all areas (under tables, up into the corners of the ceiling) and state out loud the intention ‘I allow only positive, bright and joyful energy into my home.”

Fifth Step: Crystals, Essential Oils, and Plants

You can increase your home’s positive vibrations with strategically placed crystals, plants and by diffusing essential oil in a burner or spray.

Crystals such as Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Jade, Amethyst, and Tiger’s Eye are great choices to have on your window sills, in bowls, or arranged in grids. Anywhere in your home you feel could benefit from a boost of positive energy is the ideal place to sit your crystals.

Himalayan Salt Lamps are also beautiful, calming tools for clearing stress and tension, and air pollutants.

Sixth Step: Sound Vibration

Sound is an incredibly powerful healer. The clear, pure vibrations of bells or singing bowls can enhance your environment and boost energy. Whenever you feel you need to lift the mood, cleanse the energy in your room, or ring one of your bells or tap the singing bowl before a visitor comes by.

You could also consider hanging a wind chime in a doorway or on the patio if you have one, for a gentle, tranquil sound whenever there is a breeze.

Enjoy transforming your space, and remember you get to choose what stays and what goes! Focus on creating positive energy.

Happy Cleansing!

Article by ~

Sarah Brownlee


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