Now Let’s Sit and Watch


let’s sit
and watch.

All I hear today
(these 2 days after)
the Capitol Bldg. raid

is Trump did this
Trump caused that
Trump Trump Trump
Get rid of racist Trump

I hear it from Black folks
I hear it from White folks
I hear out from all the folks
that don’t support Mr. Trump.

It is so much verbal BS,
or bull skulduggery
or self deception,
we like to live in.

Europeans landed here
and destroyed one culture
after the next, out of greediness.
“My God, my land, my everything.”

Southern Europeans landing on Ellis
had no concept of being white or other,
but given a choice of being one or the other,
and seeing how others fared, I’d choose white.
What about you?

You may know the term ‘white’ has evolved
from referring only to the elite English woman
who stayed home and had not labored out of doors.
Her pale skin was proof of a not having to work status.

That was back in the mid-1500’s. Over centuries ‘white’
has come to represent anyone from the European continent.
I take that back. Almost anyone! What I find hilarious is the root
of our humanness evolved on what we have named the dark continent.

Here we are more than 400 years later.
“We have to take our country back.”
“Let’s make America great again”,
is what our president says.

Take it back from who?
Who has it been great for?
The unspoken code, uncoded,
has always been, “White is right”.

Mr. Trump says
“I am the only man
who can make America
great again, like it used to be”.

Mr. Trump has provided a service
for all of us. He has encouraged
folks feeling disenfranchised
to come out of the closet,
and they have done so.

Of course, many disenfranchised people
of color are currently moving into the light,
meaning America may be becoming greater
than ever, leaving some others of us full of fear.

When we humans are fearful, we fight,
freeze or take flight. Look at today’s
militias, fully armed to the teeth.
Are they frozen or running?
No. They are readying
to make America
great again.

let’s sit
and watch

2 days after
Fear invaded
the Capitol Bldg.

By Fred Nicholson

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