Being In Awe of Everything (I Find In Between)

Last week I wrote about letting yourself be a process, too, just like the life you’re making and the meaning you’re making through it.

I think about a process being one step at a time but then, sometimes, I wonder about everything happening all at once.

What if life is actually everything happening all at once, not compartmentalized and controlled but fluid and full, each task wed to another, each sadness and delight related?

It’s this sense of wholeness and belonging that creates a sense of awe in me, and I thought: if you can be in awe of your life every day — be in awe of everything — then you have a lot of source material for your thankfulness.

You have a lot to talk about. You have reverence, true respect for the time you’re given, and the ordinary that holds everything in it, too.

You have enough, right in this moment. Even in this moment, as you are, after everything.

It’s this wonderment and awe and appreciation that I wanted to write about today, that I wanted very much to share with you.

I wanted you to try to understand how I felt this weekend, in a moment where everything felt like it meant something.

Being in awe of the little things that exist and happen and are, is a kind of therapy. It means to be an active participant in the breath you take and the world you live in and all that’s come before you to make anything right now possible.

Much love,


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