Sharing our Practice

The best way to share our practice with our families is through our way of living, not through our words. We can drive our cars mindfully, enjoying breathing in and out, not letting ourselves be carried away by thinking about the past, the future, and our projects. And when we come to a red light, we smile at it as a friend, not as an enemy, because the red light says, “Stop! Go back to your breathing, and enjoy it.” Before you open the door when you get home, you might pause and breathe in and out three times and smile so that when your loved ones see you, you will be more pleasant after a hard day’s work. When you make breakfast, you can transform breakfast-making into a practice of love and happiness. Enjoy every moment of your breakfast making, and the kitchen will become a meditation hall. There is peace and calm, and you may invite your partner, your child, to join you. Then when you eat breakfast, eat in such a way that peace and freedom are possible. When you brush your teeth, can you take those one or two minutes to brush them in freedom and joy? And when you sit down and enjoy your tea or coffee after lunch, be peaceful, be free, and enjoy it deeply. Be fully present for your tea or coffee. We can be grounded in the present moment and live each moment deeply with the energy of mindfulness and joy.
– Thich Nhat Hanh, in “The Art of Power.”

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