Sally Heming’s She was Thomas Jefferson’s slave.

Sally Heming’s
She was Thomas Jefferson’s slave.
Called his “mistress,” but how can you be a mistress when you were a slave, a child, and could not consent? Had absolutely no choice?
She bore him 6, perhaps as many as 8 children. He kept her locked in a basement room.
The room was recently unearthed, and DNA evidence has proven the lineage of Sally’s children.
She was between 12 and 14 years old when he started raping her, and Jefferson was in his forties. He freed the children that he had with her, but not Sally. Her daughter had to free her mother after Jefferson passed away.
This is not taught in schools. This side of history. We are supposed to consider the founding fathers as great men, fighting for justice and freedom, guided by God… when they were actually evil men. Selfish men who did nothing, if it wasn’t for their own aggrandizement, personal benefit, and financial gain.
I would also like to add that Sally was Jefferson’s dead wife’s half-sister. Sally’s mother was raped by her owner, who was Martha (wife of Thomas) Jefferson’s father.
These people left a legacy.
A legacy of entitlement under the most criminal of circumstances, and White Supremacist beliefs that pervade U.S. Society and Culture, to this very day.
Art by: Titus Kaphar
Progressives For The People

article by: Christiaan McPherson

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