To look at another woman with inspiration rather than the green eyes of envy.
To love another woman as a sister, rather than seeing them as the enemy.
To remember we each hold a love so vast and powerful it could heal the world,
To realize within our femininity is a strength that can move mountains,
That can either heal or crush another’s soul,
To take our responsibility as the wardens of Mother Earth as a privilege, rather than a burden.
To embrace and engage with the unspoken within and without.
To heal our wounds consciously for ourselves, our ancestors, future generations, and one another.
To allow the feelings to flow through,
To be acknowledged and let go.
To observe,
To speak from the heart,
To accept our vulnerabilities as strengths,
Sister, I see you as you speak your truth,
Sister, I honor you as you claim who you are,
Sister, I hold you as you rise to who you are destined to be.

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