I Soak

I soak my skin in the phases of the moon and the light of the stars
Drink tea brewed with leaves I picked on the hillside
What a wonder it is to hold and be held by constellations
One hand on my heart
The other on my core
I breathe into my palms
And rest
I whisper, ‘oh my love, look how far we’ve come
I can hardly recognize the person I was three seasons ago
Healed my eyes with honey and humility and now I can see
I make promises to myself that I am certain I can keep
‘You are sacred like the land you protect, act like it and move accordingly, my love.’
Two feet on the earth
The night straightens my back
Crescent moon smile stretches across my face
‘You are here today, that took strength.’
Pa‘akai on my tongue
The smoke of pūkiawe still in my hair
The words of my sister stroking my fire
She says
“The sacred defend you too.”
And I tell myself, ‘don’t act as you forgot.’
Mahinahina ka pahu
Mahalo piha to my incredibly gifted tita @kahea.mana.hina for this beautiful art piece she shared with me on Indigenous Peoples’ Day. I am so deeply moved by the ways our sisterhoods heal, connect, and inspire.

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