Bring Back Motivation with Breathwork

Did you know that many breathwork benefits can be experienced in just one session of breathwork therapy? Breathwork training is easy. It helps us gain instant clarity and pushes away negativity.

Breathwork can be done at home and only takes a few minutes of your day. It can give you motivation, help you overcome indecision, and help you handle stress.

Breathing deeply first thing in the morning will help you wake up. Soon your body will adjust to getting up early, but in the meantime, give yourself the extra boost you need with one of the techniques below.

If you are finding trouble getting through the day and concentrating just because you’re out of practice, or if you get tired, take a moment and do some breathwork, and you’ll find you get a second wind!

Reset Your Attitude and Energy

Suppose you’re struggling with inner resistance about going back to work (kind of like going back to school after summer break). In that case, you can also use this breathwork to help you reset your attitude and energy to feel optimistic about it.

Try doing your breathwork simultaneously each day to get into a positive flow with work and life and help you get into your routine in an even better frame of mind. Maybe decide to do three breathing sessions a day, in the morning, at lunch, and when you get home to let go of stress.

3 Minute Slow Deep Breathing

You can breathe through your nose or mouth, whichever feels more comfortable for you. This can be done by laying down or sitting. Please note that it’s best to stand up slowly after you do this because you can get a little light-headed. It’s normal to feel tingling during this breathing technique as well.

Set a timer to focus on your breathing for three minutes.

You will breathe in deeply, filling the lower lungs, chest, and upper chest, and live out almost entirely. Breathe with power and go for it to get the best results. After about a minute, see if you can increase the speed and energy to make it more intense.

When the three minutes are up, take a deep breath and hold your breath, squeezing all of your muscles for ten seconds, and then exhale. Drink a glass of water after this to help stabilize the emotions by hydrating and reducing strain on the kidneys.

1 Minute “O” Mouth Breathing

This one you can easily do sitting in a chair or cross-legged on the floor (sitting on a cushion for comfort). Make sure you keep your spine straight to allow energy to flow and so that your ribs can expand as you breathe.

Close your eyes and create an O shape with the mouth.

Emphasize your exhale, breathing out powerfully, and allowing your inhale to happen naturally. On each exhale, snap your navel in towards your spine as if you’re pumping your body full of energy like a bellow fills with air. When you inhale, allow the stomach to relax and fill with air.

Breathe powerfully just through your mouth for one minute and after thirty seconds of doing it, make it more powerful, increasing your speed. After one minute, take a deep inhale and hold your breath for ten seconds, squeezing all the muscles in your body to help spread the energy around.

Exhale and relax and then shake your body to continue to spread the energy around and generally breathe for thirty seconds.

Be Patient With Yourself

You can do either of these multiple times a day to keep your motivation strong.

This will help cleanse your blood and even help you build muscle. It improves your complexion and digestion as well as lowers stress. Doing it each day will help build up the muscles of your ribs to breathe even deeper and receive even more benefits! You may find that it quickly becomes a part of your daily routine that you love.

Be patient with yourself if you find it hard to get back into the swing of things. We have all been through a lot. Stress affects us all a little differently, and it’s essential to check in with how you’re feeling and allow yourself to recognize your emotions as they come up.

For some of us, we haven’t been around people for months, and we might have anxiety about how to adopt new “normals.” Our best advice is, take it slow, take care of yourself each day, and do some breathing to keep the bad vibes at bay.

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