The magic of Remembering Synchronicity

Do you know those moments of completely magical synchronicity? The moments where you have that deep inner knowing that you are one with all that is? Those moments where you can feel the aliveness of the Divine that dwells within you?  Those moments where your muse is celebrating your path with you?

Those are the moments that I live for. I bet you do, too.

I can honestly say that I experience these precious moments regularly, and experimenting with my human form has only increased the synchronicity in my life.

Some days, it’s big sweeping signs and symbols that come so fast furious that it’s comical. Other times, it is the tiniest whisper, nudge, or wink from the muse.No matter what form those moments take, there is always an undercurrent of knowing, trusting, and renewed faith.

Inevitably, though, I lose touch with the knowing. The trust fades. And the faith vanishes so entirely that it’s like it was never there. I’ll go out on a limb and say that this is also true for you. I am often asked how to “hang on” to those moments.

Sometimes that question sounds like this:

How can I stay connected to my muse?

Or why can’t I stay in that energy? Or, most painfully. What is wrong with me? I know better than to let myself slip into that mode.

And my answer is simple:

In the wise words of Trevor Hall, we forget and remember. And we forget again.

Those who consciously follow the muse (aka the “magnetic monopole” in Human Design) tend to believe we can somehow stop forgetting.

We think that forgetting is proof that something is wrong with us. Or that we aren’t really on the “right” path.

But that is just your human brain doing what human brains do.

Nothing is going wrong.

We forget and remember. And we forget again.

Our job is to remember.

On purpose.

To infuse our lives with intentional moments of remembrance.

And to do that as many times as it takes.


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