Nature’s Rhythm

In all its myriad forms, nature is the most powerful force on earth. Although humankind has tried, we have not found a way to match its incredible power, but we have found ways to work with it. Science often confirms the wisdom of the ancients, who observed and then harnessed nature’s rhythms and cycles to shape and enhance their lives. We can begin to do this in our own lives by first paying attention to our natural rhythms, such as when we wake or feel the need to sleep. If possible, we may want to try to rise and sleep with the sun or live without electricity for a weekend and then monitor how we feel. We can choose to eat the seasons’ foods and seek fresher, locally grown, or organic produce whose own cycles have not been tampered with by technology.

We can create harmony in our homes by making a smooth transition between our indoor and outdoor spaces. By bringing some of the outdoors inside and taking some of our indoor décors out, we can simultaneously enjoy nature and the comforts of home and the feeling that our living space is expanded. Then, whether inside or out, we can lounge on a comfortable piece of furniture and feel the wind, inhale the scent of profoundly breathing plants, listen for the many songs of life, and observe the moon and the stars. As we do this more often, we may find ourselves noticing the pull of the full moon on bodies of water, as well as the water in bodies, or the music of the night acting as a lullaby.

When we seek balance in our lives, we want to balance our roles in life and the natural elements in our spaces. Having representations of the ingredients in our homes’ colors, shapes, and textures will appeal to our mind, body, and spirit. When we sync ourselves with nature’s rhythms, we may find that we ride the waves of energy to feel more in harmony with life and the world around us.

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