Enough and Content

“This morning, I was struck by a comment that someone made about gratitude: they said they were grateful for the things that they don’t have, for something that didn’t happen.
Often I can default to being focused on what I don’t have. Need to buy more, become more, give more, either way, it is more, more, more.
Then, I’m lucky enough to tune into the things I already have at times. I’m grateful for my partner, work, clean air, etc. But I rarely am thankful for the things that didn’t happen.
The accident that didn’t happen, the doctor’s diagnosis I didn’t get, the drama that didn’t come my way. Just getting a glimpse of all the things that didn’t happen is intense. My mind can’t hold it all, to be honest.
But even seeing a glimpse of it makes me feel like I won a lottery and lands me right in the place where I am, just as I am.

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