A Devotion – International Women’s Day

Honoring the divine feminine, our foremothers, Mother Earth and the Yin that resides in all of us. All of creation comes from an equal union of two polarities that merge into One. Oneness is created through a balance and the remembrance that there is only one reality, one light, one darkness and Om Consciousness.

Today we honor the feminine that has been lost, that has been taken advantage of, that has been broken, and the feminine that is strong, loving, raging, vulnerable, warlike, peaceful, the entirety of this existence.

Maya, the illusion of life, is the manifestation of the divine feminine. Our bodies are all manifestations of the divine feminine spark. The wisdom we hold is Sophia, the divine spar and remembrance.

Today we remember the Mother of all mothers. we remember the womb that carried us, we remember the primal birth of all of humankind. We remember the times where She was worshiped, loved and honored. We also commit to bringing Her back to create the balance that the collective so needs, and that will be reflected in the state of the world and earth.

I call upon all the faces of the Goddess, all of her aspects and colors, and the womb-carriers all the way back to the Source for strength and power to move through this collective awakening and upgrading.

I honor You, Mother, Sister, Beloved and invoke all of the strength, healing and compassionate love that You need.

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