I demand

I demand…

The truth that releases me.
Ideas that challenge me.
Love that expands me.
The desire that consumes me.
Opportunities that excite me.
Beliefs that liberate me.

My soul is restless, I’ve changed.
If you push me too far with untrained hands I will shatter your delusions and return you home to yourself.

You can’t hide in wide open planes
Or capture this wild spirit.
I’m ready to leave it all behind.
So if you’re joining me,
then let old words dissolve
and old wounds rest.
And show me something I’ve yet to see.

I create so I may honour my progress.
I love so I may open my heart to more,
forever seeking, shape shifting through
The dark days but always finding the light.

I’m all in for the adventures that feel real.
Beginnings and endings are just a mirage.
All realities exist because I am infinite.
Everything falls away as I release the illusion.

Standing on the edge of time and
asking for full disclosure.

Musings by & shared via @RomyWyser

Bright Blessings & Peace for our Soul Family GAIA Wide🌎🕊🤍

Image credit – @abdullah_evindar 🙏🏻🤍

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