To The Women Who is Tired

To the woman who is tired.
Tired of rushing. Tired of dieting. Tired of starting again.
Tired of looking in the mirror and hating. Tired of another day, another battle with food.
I see you.
Please know it is not your fault. It is not about your lack of willpower or inability.
The reason diets don’t work is because they position you in a battle with your body.
There is a different way. There is a way that is peaceful, loving and gentle.
One that will get you results without struggling or starving and will stay with you for the rest of your life so that you don’t ever have to think about your weight again.
I’ve put together a “survival pack” for women to learn why dieting doesn’t work – and what really does.
Here’s just a small selection of what’s in it:
πŸ’–This 3-minute exercise will make 90% of junk food cravings disappear
πŸ’–Do you find you experience craving around 4PM every day? Find out why (and how to breeze through the last half of the day without binging)
πŸ’–The real reason diets don’t work (hint: self-discipline is NOT the issue!)
πŸ’–If dieting isn’t the answer… let me show you what is
πŸ’–Why counting calories rarely works (even though it checks out scientifically)
πŸ’–Do carbs cause weight gain? Is skipping breakfast effective? Is it bad to eat all day?
πŸ’–How to bring your mind & body back into alignment (this is the key to kicking bad habits like snacking, drinking, or shopping)
πŸ’–The 10-minute method that switches your body back into fat-burning mode (my client who lost 7 stone does this every night!)
πŸ’–I THOUGHT losing weight was my biggest issue and ultimate goal… but I was dead wrong (and you probably are, too)
πŸ’–How my client, Jo, lost nearly 3 stone WITHOUT keto, intermittent fasting, or feeling deprived of junk food
πŸ’–What happens when we STOP dieting, restricting calories, and weighing ourselves 3-4 times a day
Article and credit: Anna Anderson
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