Strategies for Overcoming Challenges

Here are seven strategies for overcoming challenges that can give you a new view of adversity.


1-Stimulate your growth with a new perspective

Emotional adversity can be very powerful in transforming our lives for the better. This is very much why you often see individuals go through drastic changes when dealing with the passing of a loved one, a divorce, or even a near-death experience. This isn’t meant to trivialize the seriousness of such incidents; it’s a suggestion that we try to view them as more than simply negative.

Modern neurosciences show that we can change the form and function of our brains (neuroplasticity). At no time is this ability more remarkable or more critical than when the energy of adversity is in our lives. In simple terms, individuals who use trouble to evolve experience the most joy and success. The key is to understand the power of these emotions and channel that energy towards growth.

When you encounter adversity, understand that with it comes great opportunity. True, some situations are unavoidably dark. Just do your best to view them as chances to evolve and grow.

2-See with greater clarity by letting the dust settle

One of my favorite verses of the Tao Te Ching is dealing with adversity. While I’ve read many translations, the basic message is that facing difficult situations is like looking into a cup of dirty water. Lao Tzu, the author, challenges us to have the patience to allow the dirt to settle so that we can see through the water.

While it is essential to take action in adversity, it is more important to act from a place of strength. Too often, we work quickly and compound the problems in our lives. The best action is to process the situation while remaining calm, gaining perspective, and building clarity and certainty. Can you allow the dirt to settle so you can see through the glass?

3-Maintain composure through compartmentalizing

I know that my biggest mistake when things go awry in one area of my life is allowing that to affect other parts of my life. A lousy morning at home as a father can easily spill over into my time at the office and impact what I eat and how I take care of myself. On those days, it feels like I can’t do anything right, and it’s true, I can’t because I’m not classifying my problems.

Don’t allow problems to expand and steamroll through everything in your life. Stability in one area can be a source of strength and the foundation to make corrections in others.

I suggest creating separation between different components of your life. Take time after work to re-set your energy and attention on your personal or family time. Likewise, when things are going wrong, focus on getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and getting the exercise you need regardless of the difficulties.

4-Give yourself a win by doing something productive

The worst thing you can do in an adverse situation is disengaged. Retreating to comfort in the form of food, shopping, or some other chronic response is not just destructive to you personally; it often takes you deeper into the hole when the immediate gratification is gone.

I have found that the positive gratification of an accomplishment is often just what I need to reengage with life. When I have anxiety, the simple process of creating a budget, taking my kids to the park, or washing the laundry gets me back into productivity mode. Balancing our budget is probably one of the biggest challenges of all. We live in a hectic household, and therefore, our utility bills can often seem daunting as we use a lot of electricity to keep our homes running. However, when it comes to paying off your energy bills, it is fundamental that you check out other policies and compare your options to make sure that you are getting the best deal for your money. I know a few people who have managed to save money by switching to energy providers such as Pennywise Power. Head to the Home Energy Club website to learn more about switching energy providers. Sometimes it’s easier said than done, though, as life is not that simple on certain days, and my anxiety feels worse than usual. There are times when I’ve thought about trying out various medications to help manage my stress a lot better. As well as that, check out sites such as has been something that I’ve also considered. When it comes to dealing with anxiety, it isn’t always easy, but there are solutions out there, so you shouldn’t feel like you’re alone.

Even though these things help lessen it, it doesn’t go completely. My friend has told me about this website called Linacre that sells a product called kratom, which is supposed to help with anxiety and other things. Maybe I’ll look at it if I find that I need some alternative treatment. It’s probably best that I speak with my doctor first, though.

When you feel like you’re locking up, go out and create value. This reengages you and helps you muster the energy and creativity to tackle your more enormous challenges. This will give you the power of empowerment and the feeling that you can control and dictate outcomes in your life.

5-Exceed your potential by asking for help

One of the biggest challenges for many people (especially men) is believing that we need to be independent and strong. Seeking help makes us feel less competent vulnerable and creates the feeling that we’re somehow weaker than we should be.

Asking for help is a sign that we believe we are worthy of help from others. We believe enough in our ability to recognize that people who help us will get something from their investment. There may be no more great false premise than this.

We need to talk to and listen to those who have been where we want to go because they can probably teach us a lot about getting there. Find people who can help you and solicit their advice. They could steer you towards something that could help ease that anxiety; international friends could suggest organic CBD oil. Others can offer to be an ear when you need to vent or someone to be around if an attack grasps you too tightly. The vast majority of us get more than we give when we can help someone out. And don’t worry, you will get plenty of opportunities to repay the favor by helping others in the future.

6-Give yourself a fresh start with silence

The human brain is the most fantastic thing in our world, with capabilities we cannot comprehend. It is certainly capable of coming up with solutions to our problems.

I think the best way to tap into the creative power of your brain is to shut it down and clear it out, like rebooting a computer that isn’t performing well. You may choose meditation or prayer to do this; brisk exercise is also great for clearing your mind. Another approach is to go for a walk in the woods. Leave the cell phone and iPod behind, and allow your mind to be still.

You will be amazed at the ideas and solutions that will spring forth once you’ve quieted your mind.

7-Take the long view by elevating another perspective

I love the work of Eckhart Tolle. Perhaps the most straightforward and most powerful lesson he ever taught me was, “This too will pass.”

If you look back on your life, you’ll remember times when the challenges felt enormous and the situations seemed incredibly dire. Upon further recollection, though, you’ll probably realize that they weren’t insurmountable. You traversed the challenges, and things most likely worked out okay. Now imagine applying this recognition in hindsight to the difficulties you have yet to encounter.

You are always right where you need to be and where you need to go. Things happen, we act, we adjust, and life continues. Learn, repeat and believe the words, “This too will pass,” and you will begin to know in your heart that even the most adverse experiences will somehow turn out the way they’re supposed to.

Winston Churchill may have said it best when he stated, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

The same body and brain that got you into trouble are the tools that can get you out. The key to overcoming challenges is to get those assets feeling good, lined up, and focused on solving the problems you face.

Begin to leverage difficult times as sources of innovation and creativity, and be assured that you’ll one-day point back to those moments as among the most productive in your life.

We indeed find out who we are in moments of adversity. The key to overcoming challenges is to lean into fear and find the courage and energy to act in direct opposition to the forces oppressing you. To do this, you have to change your perspective on adversity. You can manage your thoughts and emotions to harness challenges’ energy and creative potential and direct them toward positive growth in your life.


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