The use of technology has become less connected and more distracted

We are constantly lured by the promise of new technologies to make our lives easier and help connect us to others. While they do so in many ways, they also present each of us with opportunities to make new choices about spending our time and investing our energy. Most devices are typically meant to improve the quality of our lives, but when we spend too much time with them, they do the contrary. We become less connected and more distracted by consistently using our cell phones, playing video games, and surfing the Internet. By becoming aware of these tendencies, we harness the power to overcome them and make better choices for ourselves and our families.

Each of us can knowingly choose to be more present in our lives. We can give our full attention to whatever we are doing and not let phones and other distractions take the place of human contact. We can decide to leave our gadgets behind and become aware of the sights and sounds around us to expand our awareness and be fully present in our bodies and our surroundings. Once we willfully decide to put our devices to work for us, we become masters of our time.

When we use our perspicuity about investing our energy, we can be sure that we choose only the best for ourselves and those we love. Our gadgets can be helpful tools for our journey in the material world, but we must not forget that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and that means interacting with people on a personal level. Choices that invigorate us and help us feel interconnected to our world and our loved ones always deserve our full attention and presence of mind, body, and spirit.



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