All over the world, people are gathering and making beautiful plans to save our planet. In my opinion, the one in real, serious need of saving is humanity itself.

By adopting a sustainable relationship with Earth, we might be able to postpone going extinct. And seriously, don’t you love being here a little bit longer?

In love

I’m in love. It is these tickles in my heart and stomach when we meet that I particularly like. Our relationship is profound and playful. Intense and unconditional. Nurturing and totally unbound.

My object of love? Nature, aka Earth.

We do not send each other tangible love letters. Our messages of love travel through time and space at any moment we wish. We spoon together at night, we walk hand in hand at daytime. We never argue about who’s right or wrong because we always trust the next step we take. We rely on one another without doubt, and we align our lives naturally.

Where I had to learn about clearing my energies (physically, mentally, emotionally) and creating conditions for healthy living, Earth does all this by instinct or intuition, whatever you like to call it. But you know what? She doesn’t care that I have a different way of living my life. She accepts me just as I am. It doesn’t even bother her if I love her or not.

Yes, I think I can say she’s my BFF.


Earth isn’t trying to find ‘meaning’ in her relationship with me. She’s free of comparison and she exists within herself. At the most, I am here to create conditions for peace and space for her recovery. Nature is never competing with me like in ranking. She simply is. And from this is-ness, she’s invincible.

Do you really believe our planet Earth will cry or miss us if we’re not around anymore? That she will cook up some plans to avoid us going extinct? No, we will be included in cyclic existence: dying, composting /decaying, serving as food for the smallest organisms.

I think we underestimate Nature. We’re so occupied with our own limited worldview (who will I become, what shall I wear, what will I eat today, what friends am I going to call, etc.) that as a result, we miss enormous opportunities to get in touch with what is unconditionally available to mankind.

The good news is, we can bring change in our relationship with Earth by rooting our thinking and acting in truth and love.


We humans tend to forget what nurtures us in the first place. How could it ever cross our minds to destroy or abuse what we are coming from and depend on? What action does it require to stop our destructive actions?

Earth doesn’t need to be saved by us. Some people want nothing more than to feel needed because it gives them a sense of right to exist. It’s a wish coming from ego. Nature lacks ego. She relies on her own potential. The right, pristine circumstances ensure continuity of her existence. We can only try to save ourselves by showing respect, love and gratitude towards the relationship.

At the most, we are here to create conditions for peace and space for Earth’s recovery.

Earth has survived aeon after aeon, and generations after generations of humans. We can make plans for Nature, but she’s not planning something for us. She just continues being herresponding, adapting, perishing, then rising again.

We are acting like siblings who refuse the care of our mother. We would eventually die because we can’t nurture our self from our self. And that’s what our Earth is capable of: she has her own cyclic existence. She doesn’t need us to nurture her.

We’re trying to change others. But we all know that the biggest power lies in changing our own behavior, taking our necks away under the yoke of all-determining authorities and connecting with Earth anew, coming from a place of love.


We have the power to restore our connecting with Earth and Nature. Ask yourself if you are authentically connecting, or if you’re fighting the destructive input of our own kind. If our actions come from the latter, we should realize that we’re using this harmful energy to fuel ours. So, how would you think what the result of our action will be? Successful in solving the problem?

Instead of re-acting on what you don’t like, act from what is true to you in the first place. It’s your heart, it’s your gut feeling that knows exactly what to do. Earth lives her meaning, her purpose by instinct. Why don’t you?

By being in union with Earth, you would cause the old devastating structures to break down. Because your energy comes from pureness and love, your authentic you. It’s not possible to reunite coming from something other than that.

Remember we are with billions of others like us. Do you know by any chance what power can come from billions of people acting in the same sustainable and loving way? It will work… if we dare to show up.

Showing up

Show up in the relationship. That’s your only task. To show up. It’s non-negotiable. You’re on to something, like going on an expedition. You can act silently by yourself, or loudly, or taking the lead of a group of people. The form doesn’t matter, it’s the intention that moves the energy.

You do not need an e-learning course, a white-robed meditation teacher, hands-on healing capacities, or a juicer to press the best ever vitamins out a leek and apples. You also don’t have to change your looks and wear hand-dyed pants or put feathers in your henna-colored hair while spreading the cards on a velvet cushion.

Don’t wait for the right moment because that moment is Now. Simply show up! Not in a week or a month. Don’t plan your change, be your change right now! Don’t look or wait for approval that you’re choosing to live differently from maybe your friends. You are the one who has the power to make a difference.

So… after you’ve read this article, ask yourself: Is my life attitude in line with my relationship with Earth? What are the choices that I make? Ask yourself with every decision you make: Is this supporting a healthy connection with Nature? In a loving and honest way?

By being fully honest in relating with Earth, you will enter a whole new dimension of you. This you will then shine more brightly than ever before. It’s because the relationship will provide you with lots of energy, lots of natural fuel, so to speak. The power of Nature will flow through you the way it was supposed to in the first place.

Now it’s up to you to let it flow back unparalleled to secure your eternal bond. Treat Earth like she’s your BFF (which she is). When we all come from that place of love, the power of the masses will be like the impact of an earthquake, in a positive way.

Article and Credit-http://www.rebellesociety.com/2021/04/21/marinatielke-earth/

Marina Tielke is a Dutch creative writer of spiritual and psychological novels, fables and articles. She is a life-artist who adopted the opinion that sustainability starts by being whole and living our full love-potential on this earth. She gets her inspiration from nature, own groundbreaking life-events and her former profession as a body-oriented psychotherapist. She lives her life as a modern hermit from truth, simplicity and sowing love.

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