Class of 2022

Class of 2022
Try not to lose sight of who you are, as you navigate this stressful time.
You are the kids who went through one of history’s strangest educational times.
The lockdown generation.
Exams are not defining for anyone, but in your case, that is even more true.
Because you are so much more.
You are special.
You have been through something your parents have not.
And those who love you, cannot wait to see you stretch your wings and test their metal.
Goodness knows you deserve it.
You have endured, you are already superstars.
Now pat yourselves on the back and remember what you have achieved.
And if your grades are not as you had hoped, that is ok.
Nothing has been quite as we had hoped recently.
But we are here.
And we are marching on, right?
So march on… you are doing just fine.
Article and Credit ~ Donna Ashworth

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