People Will Say What They Wish, You Do What You Desire…

We as a Human being sometimes think too much about what people will think or say about us. No matter how close or distant they are to us but still we unnecessarily take their shitty advice too seriously. Yes sometimes it is relevant but most of the times it’s nonsense. Because they just don’t want someone to achieve new heights. So never care about what others assume or believe.

Do whatever you want to do in your life it’s yours and you should have complete control over it. What you love to do, just do it man. Why do you care what others think of you…..those who just judge and try to criticize others are the one’s who are not satisfied with their living, this is the actual reason why they are jealous and always try to bring you down..

Why do you think that this person didn’t wished you on your birthday, now you will repeat the same on his, Why??
This is not the Human nature, no one remembers Birthdays of others, infact he might be busy in some work, but if you are watching anyone’s story and you have the opportunity to wish him/her, just go for it. Maybe your one small HBD text could bring smile on someone’s face, just try it once and I assure you that person will wish you on your. Life is too short for taking revenges so never hold grudges for someone.

People consider themselves superior and inferior to others. But that’s definitely not true, we all are of the same kind. The racism and nepotism need to be vanish from the world. Till the date humans are alive humanity too should be vital.

Try to bring meaning in someone’s life with your genuine efforts.Don’t wait for someone to approach you and make your day good, just take 2 minutes of your time and try to make someone’s day better… your whole life itself will start getting better.

Problems are the crucial part of life, we should face them and try to come up with solutions to solve them on our own.
Never overcomplicate your problems, everyone is facing them in their lives just have patience and trust God, everything will be fine as before even far better than before.

Just try to follow these small steps and you will never need anyone to make you feel happy, you yourself will become a big reason to be so.
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Credit and Article Source: Abbas Hasan

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