If A Woman Does Not Fit The Shape

“If a woman does not fit the shape of what you think a woman should,
if a woman is not obedient, does not see things the way you do,
if a woman is too independent to need anything more than herself,
does she automatically become a threat filled with such terror to you?
Did her tresses turn into red snakes because she dared to refuse you?
Did the dulcet voices become unbearable cries because you couldn’t stand to hear her laugh?
Did her gaze turn you to stone because she was so completely unafraid?
Perhaps the truth about Gorgons is they are just women,
women who do not bend to the world or fit into the narrow mould you want them too.
Maybe that’s why you demonised them, turned them into monsters,
because you think monsters are easier to understand than women who say no to you.”
~Nikita Gill, “Great Goddesses: Life Lessons From Myths and Monsters”
art: Matteo Arfanotti

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