Brace Yourself

Brace yourselves and fasten your seatbelts, we’re in for even rougher seas ~ but it’s all part of the necessary chaos and brutal upheaval that will clear the path for a new ‘community of soul’, a living web of relationships in which each unique and equally valuable gem reflects the beauty of all others.
All across the world, authoritarian Governments and global tyrants are making a grab for total power, but rest assured they are on the way out as millions of individuals continue to awaken, join with fellow lovers of freedom and reclaim their personal power. We can each play our part by ethically and discerningly speaking up and acting when it’s called for, doing our own independent ‘re-search’, and protecting our sacred spaces, health and personal integrity.
Don’t lose heart, but rather remain centred in the heart instead of in fear. The World Soul in its ancient wisdom knows what it’s doing and what needs to unfold. Nothing can stop the massive shift in the collective soul that is now underway. Many are finding ‘opportunity in adversity’ amidst the angst, uncertainty and chaos; new support networks and communities are taking shape, people are doing more soul-searching, folk are coming together to resist global tyrants who are attempting to rule the World and stifle the individual and communal life of soul.
Be comforted in knowing that ‘truth will out’ and that events are now unfolding at an accelerating pace, as the energies shaping and activating needed change intensify in order to bring matters that need to ‘come to light’ to a head. Things will get white hot before they start to cool, but the heat will purge and cleanse and out of the ashes, the Phoenix will then have an opportunity to arise.~
~Maureen B. Roberts, PhD
art: Christian Schloe

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