Mind Games

Every night before I sleep
About the time stars start to peep
My mind in quiet solitude
Plays games with words
Making thoughts rhyme
Not thinking of the place or time.
I. I have no choice
Except to lie and hear this voice
That plays so constantly in my head
Despite my protest, “it’s time for bed”
And so to rid myself of nagging words
I find my head composing verse.
I cannot take the blame or merit
For any poem that I take credit
I sign my name at the finish
Only then do words diminish
Silence deafens at midnight hours
To let me sleep through starlight showers.
Sometimes I think there is another me
Who has the insight I fail to see
Who sits quietly inside my head
Until I dare to go to bed
Then she takes the reigns to write
While my brains too tired to fight.
Cheryl O’Brien 2022 ©
Sleep. Courtesy of Shift Art

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