Knowing Peace

“A tree does not say to itself, By the age 30 I want this many leaves, to be this tall, this wide, to drop this many seeds, to know this many other trees. It does not rush. It does not beat itself up, put itself down, doubt, or despair. A tree just grows. This is why a tree knows peace.” ~ Jaiya John. Daughter Drink This Water.
Sometimes we have to take a step back and remember that every little step is part of something bigger. Every little step we take contributes to our growth. Every little thing you’re doing is adding up to build something greater. This reminds me that the small things I’m doing – they’re actually worthwhile. Whatever you’re doing is enough. Trees reminds us of nature and how at ease nature is. Nature knows it’s pace. Nature is its own clock. It accomplishes a myriad of things simultaneously; all without being in a rush or in a hurry. Be inspired by trees, by nature.
“Allow nature’s peace to flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.” – John Muir.

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