Where Are You? (Dementia)

Where have you gone?
Your disappearing
All though your still here
That you’ll forgot me
Fills my with fear.
I hold your hand
Look into your eyes
But no one looks back
And my heart dies.
All our yesterdays
Wiped from your mind.
I search for connections
To draw you back home
For a moment you’re here
Then you leave me alone.
My heart smiles because
I remember the real ‘you’
All the things you would say,
The things you would do.
Now recognition fails
Do you know who I am?
Or am I part of the dream
Your living in now,
Unable to share
Locked in somehow.
The sadness in my heart
To say goodbye twice
To have you here,
though you’ve gone,
Is a terrible price.
Credit and Article by; Cheryl O’Brien 2022 ©

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