7 Self-Help Ideas To Enjoy In The Fall

As the days get shorter and your work emails get more extensive, you’ll need to get creative about your “me” time. To keep yourself from getting down during these shorter days, here’s a list of 10 seasonal self-care ideas to get you through early sunsets and prepare all those weeknight dinners. Oh, but (totally to ease the transition), feel free to keep wearing your summer clothes under your flannel.

1. Go For A Walk And Find A Pile Of Leaves To Jump In

Who says you can’t go out and play just because you’re an adult? Let yourself feel like a kid again — and it’ll actually feel even better than that because falling doesn’t mean going back to school.

2. Make A Meal Out Of Fall Vegetables

You’re always meaning to get more veggies into your diet, and fall is a perfect time. Squash (acorn and butternut), cauliflower, sweet potatoes, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts are all at their best during fall. Even if you all make this Pumpkin Curry, we’ll count on it.

3. Buy Your Fave Halloween Treats

Okay, yes, we were talking about vegetables. But this is the only time of year for candy corn and Reese’s pumpkins. You can’t pass that up! Make some Monster Eye-Scream Cookies or stock up on your favorite Halloween candy. Everyone needs an emergency candy stash.

4. Treat Yourself To Some New Clothes

One of the best things about fall is that chilly temps = sweater weather. Treat yourself to a  new autumn sweater. It will make you feel cozier.

5. Take A Weekend Trip

Fall always seems like the perfect time to book a B and B. A short hike to the park works wonders.

6. Re-Read Your Favorite Book

Cozy with some tea and fuzzy socks, and break open your go-to read. Whether you always go for the classics, mystery, or self-help, you can’t go wrong with a good story.

7. Sleep For Seven To Nine Hours

Take advantage of that extra hour from the daylight savings time switch and catch up on your sleep. Go all out with a luxurious night routine that includes clean sheets, a hot shower, and a face mask. Heaven.



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